ninja vanish troubles

are there any specific pointers that can help me land this trick?

I grab the string with my whole hand pop up the yoyo ever so slightly, flick my hand backwards, and it usually just happens. It takes practice.

It can all be done with a gentle, easy motion. If you feel you are rushing for anything, you’re probably doing it wrong.

Starting with the yoyo hop. You want it high enough in the air and for it to have enough “hang time” to easily guide the string into it. But if you’re new-ish to yoyoing, it’s hard to get just the right amount of hop… just takes practice alas.

Then with the string itself-- assuming you know the general motion (turning your hand inward in the correct way) it’s a matter of guiding the inner string segment to the inner SIDE of the yoyo gap. You don’t think of it as making a loop and dropping the yoyo down into it. You think of it as guiding that string segment into the gap at the side. The dropping will happen by gravity, and the other side of the gap will take care of itself.

It has a certain finesse to it. Just like GregP said, if you’re going too quick, it most likely won’t work. It’s a slower kind of motion to get a nice big loop. I personally like to use two fingers to pinch with my thumb because it provides a lot more control and stability. If you’re doing it right, getting a solid wrist flick, you should be able to see the loop form and watch the yoyo fall right into it. I also like to put my throwhand slightly farther from my body than the other, so the string loop can more easily form around the segment between the pinch and my throwhand.

Also always have good string tension. Number one rule. Good string tension always helps.

I just learned it and it can have two variations

One being a smoother motion. Have a gentle but deliberate motion. hold you hand out palm up, and grip the string with your pointer and middle finger, pop the yoyo up just below your hand and “turn the car keys left”.

The other being quicker which I like because it feels a bit more 'ninja vanishy"
pop the yoyo up to your hand and do the same key motion just a bigger and quicker execution.
I hope this helped.

A tip I missed the first time I watched any tutorials about this trick was to move the throw hand forward a little as you make the loop. It helps the loop wrap around the string and all the way around to the yo-yo on the outside. That helped me a lot when I started adding it.

Also, when I hit it the most cleanly it has a sort of “swoop/scoop” feeling on the NTH moreso than a “flicking” feeling. A gentle sweep to the outside of the NTH rather than just turning it over.


Working on this trick, so I’ll try some of these tips.

Holy Crap!
Best advice ever.
I had been practicing this trick for a while and really stinking at it.
Yoyos flying everywhere.

Then after reading this thread–and 10 minutes of practice–I can totally nail it.
And believe me, I’m the noobiest of noobz.

I do have a questions though, it seems when I get from the triangle, up to the trapeze, there is an extra loop or something around my NTH pointer, because it gets wrapped up when I try to bind.
What’s up with that?

There should not be an extra loop. Some GT exits leave a twist on the string that should in no way impair your ability to bind.

One thing that messed me up is landing onthe wrong side of the loop. When I try to dismount it just left me with knots. What helped me gain consistency is moving your non-throwhand ever so slightly back while doing the twisty motion. Also you need to be get the yoyo at just the right height. You can go at it slowly or with a snap. Just practice. I’m sure you’ll nail it eventually.

But if you go in on the “wrong” side, can’t you just exit on that side instead? Or do you mean you did it by accident and didn’t notice?

The way I do a Ninja Vanish it’s pretty hard to go in on the wrong side. The whole loop blooms and captures the yoyo clearly on the side closest to the thrower. I don’t know how I’d even ninja vanish to the outside.

Greg you’re right. It’s a twist not a loop.
And I can deal with it well enough now, I just didn’t expect it the first couple times so it was a surprise.

Now I keep running into a new problem.
Half way into the green triangle the yoyo is comming back and clocking me in the nuckles. It doesn’t tickle.

Is this my yoyo becoming responsive on me, or am I doing something wrong?

Either your yoyo is semi-responsive or your spin direction is reversed. Are you trying to ninja vanish off the front throw?

Nope. Throwing a breakaway.
Gonna try cleaning the bearing I guess.
I just did that though a week ago.

I cleaned the bearing and it seems to be better, but still occasionally grabby.
I’m wondering if worn string could be a factor.
Would the worn fuzz sticking out of the string make it more responsive?
It seems weird that I should have to clean this thing every week.