How? Just... HOW

I’m trying to learn the grumbles Ninja Vanish, and I can’t understand how to get the slack to form the GT. Any tips appreciated.

First off; making sure your string tension is neutral helps a ton.

Try to imagine that the slack from the string on the outside of your nth pinch becomes a hammock to drape over the branch that is the taut string between your th and nth.

It makes it a lot easier for me if the yoyo swings into the slack from the nth side as opposed to just poppin it up from a standstill. This makes it so the string has a more fluid arc and that makes landing the entire thing a bit easier.

Hope this helps!


What helped me to learn it was to practice another similar maneuver.

Get into a gt normally, and then pop the yo-yo onto the string that is coming out of your throw hand while pinching the string with your non throw hand. The yo-yo will be very close to your throw hand. You should se a very large slack draped around the string the yo-yo is on. That is the same slack that will happen during ninja vanish. You should just practice jumping the yo-yo from the trapeze like Mount onto the slack.

Sorry for the pretty bad explanation, but ninja vanish is really hard. It took me a month of solid practicing.

To land Ninja Vanish, think about what’s actually going on: your non throw hand grabs the string from underneath, then you pop the yoyo up while flipping your hand over, which whips the string around, then you land the yoyo on that string. Grabbing the string is easy, so the only hard part is landing the yoyo on the string.

I can’t figure out how to upload a video, so here’s some screenshots I took of the important parts.

Grab the string, with a lot of string for the slack. It’s easier to whip it around if there’s more string.

Here you can see the string whipping around. Notice how my hand has moved to whip the string. I’m left-handed so if you’re right-handed this will be like a mirror for you.

Here you can see what’s happening, the big slack part is coming around the not-slack part of the string, whipping toward my body.

Finally, land the yoyo on the slack string. This is easier said than done, but it’s just a matter of aim, same as most yoyo tricks. I don’t land it all the time but it’s not terribly difficult once you get the hang of it.

You can do it!

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Tokyoyo has a good Ninja vanish explanation, check out YT.
His tutorial helped me lock it in when I copied him by watching the slow motion first.


His tutorial was the one I used to learn it myself. Maybe the best piece of advice he gave was to make sure the whip motion with the slack is exaggerated.


I learned how to do it from the YoTricks tutorial. Doing it from a brother slack was actually easier to land for me at first (basically, do a brother slack, catch the slack with your NTH, then hop it up and whip into the Ninja Vanish from there). Doing it the normal way just felt more awkward to me for some reason. You could try it that way to see if it works better for you.


Ninja Vanish is one of those tricks like learning to ride a bike, after a while the rhythm of the motion to make the slack is internalized. Once you get it, the less you think about it the better. I’m from 50% to about 75% now.

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