ninja vanish help?

Hey guys, so I didn’t really know if I should learn ninja vanish when im like expert, or if I should have already learned it, so I started it. I get how you make that gt loop, and I’ve been landing it, about 3 out of every 10 times I try it, but hey, its my first day doing it ::). So do you have any tips on landing it?
Here’s a vid of it:

Dang, it’s really hard to describe through text, but I’ll try.

Try slinging the Loop to the side, hooking it onto the yoyo instead of doing it like a Jump rope motion.

Instead of doing a Jump rope like loop, try slinging it onto the side.

Thats the best I can do to help. :-[

Also, swing the loop to the yoyo, don’t try to bring the yoyo to the loop.

Wow, you were right on, there. I don’t know if mine advice even makes sense :wink:

Okay, I have no idea what you guys mean XD
Could one of you make a vid?
Noonar, I know your YouTube channel btw.

I’ll try later for you

When you are setting up for it, you will be holding the string with your non throw hand with the yoyo directly beneath it. The trick for me isn’t a straight forward and back motion. When I pop the yoyo up, I pop up and a little diagonally backward toward my throw hand. After the loop above the horizontal string is formed, I move diagonally the opposite way I came to open up the loop. This motion seems to land the majority of the loop centered with the yoyo, since the yoyo is farther toward your non throw hand.

I have just gotten this trick about 80% consistent now - I started to notice that the more exaggerated you make the movements the easier it seems to be to get the GT , I always remember to keep my non throw hand pointed up, with the string pinched in the crook of my curled pointer finger, then I do the “hop” move and push my non throw hand out away from me just a little bit as I go in for the hook with non my throw hand.

Its not a fast move, in fact it seems like the slower you can actually do it, the better.

Bend your knees. You can land it low and it will give you more time to line up the slack.

Making a video now cuz explaining this in text is stupid… Should have it up in a few minutes
EDIT: here ya go

Thats what noonar meant…

The more you exaggerate the up over and back motion the easier it is, hope it helps :slight_smile:

Great video and instructions.

Also funny, because this isn’t the way I do the trick at all. Very easy to do it the way you showed, andy569. I wish I had asked you when I was learning this :slight_smile:

Yea it makes the loop wider and gives you a little extra room and time to do the motion, glad it helped :slight_smile: it was all first take so i stuttered and said umm a lot :smiley: but yea, tutorials aren’t always as clear or thorough as they should be :-\

I felt learning how to do a slack GT from a trapeze helped me get the hang of ninja vanish. It has very similar hand motions. Try it.