Ninja vanish tips?

ive been working on ninja vanish for a while and ive only landed it 3 times i think im whipping it wrong? HALP

I’m sure you’re just using the term “whipping” in a generic way, but the action of doing a standard ninja vanish is so gentle and elegant that “whipping” just makes me thing you might be trying to do it too fast.

When you’re throwing (whipping!) the loop around to form the GT the yoyo will land in, try throwing it more towards yourself as opposed to just trying to get it to the close side of the horizontal string segment.

Not sure if that makes sense… hard to explain… don’t try too hard to make a “side-to-side” loop; go ahead and throw that string segment more towards your body. :slight_smile:

OMG, i just learned this trick a few days ago and got it somewhat consistent today! Ok… First thing… Make sure u understand how ur supposed to do the motion and how the gt forms or u will do it all wrong. Next thing, make sure when u doit the loop is forming. If it is forming but ujust cant land it, exaggerate the motion to make the looplarger and easier to catch. If ur doing all of that, u just need to practice, get comfortable, get used to it, then u will get it!

This was my first GT trick and I picked it up pretty easily. Just keep at it

When I first learned this trick, I would whip the loop on the wrong plain. I was whipping the loop straight in front of me. It all clicked when I realized to whip the loop from right to left. This makes catching the string in the gap much much easier.

Definitely looking at it from the right side gives you a lot more accuracy. ^^ was the best advice I got back when I was learning this. Also I found using my whole hand compared to just my index finger was a lot easier (if
Y.ou haven’t already tried)

I agree. It’s almost really hard to explain or understand with words. But once you understand this, it’ll make your accuracy way better, and it’ll make your Ninja Vanishes look Pro-Stylee.

And if you don’t exactly understand, don’t worry. It came to me with practice, so I’m sure it’ll come to you. Just keep practicing

Definetly use the “whole hand” technique.

i finally started getting it and ive found that your all right its just a flowing motion from left to right i lovee this trick what ireally want to learn now is a GT whip

Next, try Ninja Vanish straight off the break away. It happens so fast it looks like magic.

so thatd be basically the GT whip or a fast ninja vanish?

No its still a ninja vanish, a gt whip is different

Glad to see ur getting it, its a very cool trick, i love it. Try learning brent stole, im working on it now and its cool too

i find the trick easier to land if you whip at a sharp angle, its alot harder to whip directly

this is insane, literally right after i read this i landed the trick about 10 times in a row instead of the usual 2 or 3 and it was all good from there on! ;D

100% that was a game changer… Now how in the world do i do brent stole? i can not figure it out

check outmy thread named brent stole in the yoyo tricks section(this one), theres some helpful stuff there, and someone posted anice video to help understand it too. I can do it, im just not consistent yet

Btw.i like how u changed ur fav trick to ninja vanish, i did that soon after i learned it too ;D

As soon as i started getting consistant , its probably one of the most satisfing tricks ive done so far.

Yup, felt the same way :slight_smile:

your welcome :wink: