Ninja Vanish Variation
dont be fooled by the bracelet on my NTH or my good looks.

Can anyone do this on purpose? I figured its a RT connected to a GT. It happens when I do a ninja vanish like 1/10 times. If I(enthusiasm) can do it that many times…someone has to be able to do it on purpose every time. and, I know that this happens when the string is off tension. I still do this in perfect tension. Thanks!

Lucky! Now try analyzing how you accidentally do it, and see if you can do it every time.

look up “double ninja vanish”

thats what it looks like

this is the only video I got but I do this without pulling any string. It just lands when I do it. I’ve tried for a while to see how i do this but I cannot figure it out. And if you see, mine doesn’t have the twist at the bottom.

messes around with nv


its hard to explain

do an nv. dont catch, pull string connected to yoyo though, and then land on it. now do it in a laceration form. THERE YOU ARE! i may make a vid… im to lazy ATM

Look at ALexis JV tutorial 32. It shows a fake green triangle from a trapeze. Do the same with a ninja vanish GT.

Just do a NV and then do a RT, but do it fast so it looks like your only doing 1 thing, and a double NV is nothing like that. A double NV is when you go around the yoyo then you do the NV. Kind of hard to explain but when you do a double there should be a twist around your NTH.

it comes out different than the one in the video? Did you see how mine is different? I never pull any string i literally just land it every once and a while i feel like its just going through another string. make a video and ill <3 u forever.

I don’t know but to Me it looks like the Trick by Graou, It’s a X3 Tutorial Called the x2 Graou-T I believe. It’s a nice and easy to understand Tut, but it’s not done like a Ninja Vanish. Well Watch and You tell Me…

^^^thank you. Thats the first time I have seen anything close to what I can do. The only thing is I’m doing the very similar hold in a single “laceration?” I do the same movement as ninja vanish (without taking my index finger out and pulling anything) and it lands right on this. It’s something like a brent stole in the way its thrown it goes around another string to make this 2 triangle element.

could you throw yourself on a camera so we can see?

yea definitely a good idea. Ill be back!

I can’t see the vid now cause I in school but when I get home I’ll watch. I have a variation of ninja vanish where I do a normal one but I get one string to go around my wrist. Once I learnt this I could do a reverse one as well. sorry for bad explanation, and not sure if this is what you were talking about but oh well hope it helped

I thought you would like this vid, I learned it quick but would like to learn the laceration variation. Maybe a Tutorial is in Order, so If I might ask. Could you possibly make Tutorial for us? plllssssss lol