ninja vanish help!

I can NOT do this trick. It looks so simple yet I can’t nail it. It’s so cool lookin and I really wanna learn it… tips anyone?

It took me a while to get it just try watching it slowed down and make sure you have good tension.

Also I found that grabbing a bit higher then half way helped me.

I’ll try to see if I can make a tutorial for it later. I was having a hard time learning it until Yoshi showed me how to do it in person. Once he showed me, it was like ohhhh, that’s so simple
kinda hard to describe in words though.

What are you having trouble with? When i was doing wrong i was landing it in the slack, then i found a video that slowed it down and i got it.

That would be awesome if you would make one.I can see what needs to happen I just can’t do it. Maybe it would help if someone showed/explained it better. :wink:

I used the yoyosam version to learn how to do it. I personally grab a little higher then half way too, and push a little toward the yoyo when i flick it up. Also, perfect string tension is almost required.

One thing to mention.

I notice that not many people actually do “Ninja Vanish” exactly how it was originally done.

The trick was created by Sky Kiyabu and you can see him do it here at 1:30 in this clip.

If you notice, Its not a huge pull up and swing under slack, but more of a light twitch with not too much freehand movement.

Just something to point out.


That was a way cool vid. Man that seems like soo long ago but its really not… your right tho, ninja vanish looks way cooler like that.

Edit: finally, two bloody knuckles later, I got it down! Dang that trick was hard to figure out!

I think it would be easier to learn the "beginners way before we get on to the “twitch”.

Hold the string and pull up and twist the slack on your non-throwhand to toward your self causing it to flip over. Hook the yoyo into the flipped slack. Do it all in one now.

Practice a lot, and you’ll get the slight twitch.

huh… so I don’t need to make a tut?
I started recording it a bit ago, but then my noctu responded and cut my thumb. then I tried with my josy ann, and it too responded and hit the same spot the noctu cut. ><

Since many other people already explained the trick, I don’t feel like I need to go into further detail. However, with tricks like Ninja Vanish, I find that one day you can’t do it, and then the next day it clicks and you can do it consistently (this also happened to me with brent stole). If you know the motion, eventually the yoyo will do the work.

Lol, yeah I bloodied two knuckles last night working on it. But no you don’t have to anymore, I figured it out. Thank you tho! I really do appreciate it man. Maybe you could do a tut on that horizontal you did on your competition vid tho :wink:

josh: that vid made me sad… harry houdini :confused:

I’m still working on that horizontal trick tbh. lol
the contest deadline was coming up though, so I figured I’d just put what I had down so far in.!

that’s the video I watched to learn it by the way