Ninja Vanish Help

So, I have landed ninja vanish a few times, but i can’t get it consistent. I can’t get the right motion for the slack to come around while landing into GT. It’s just hard to get the motion to whip the slack around. Could you please explain how to get around and get some good tutorial suggestions.

Thank you

-Zort Commander

Grab the string with your entire NTH. Should give you a much bigger loop to hit. And don’t swing too hard. It should be a nice smooth motion rather than a sharp snap.

Good luck!


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Thank you Yuki! That’s very helpful, any tips on the whole motion?

Nothing other than practice practice practice!

Edit to add: actually, there is one little thing. Try swinging the yoyo a little to your left (assuming you’re right-handed) before starting the motion so that the yoyo is swinging sideways into the slack loop as well as hopping up. It should ever go any higher than about 2 or 3 inches below your NTH.


Thanks Again!

One more thing, any kind of yoyo suggestion

almost make the string wrap you index. as you whip unwrap

Thanks! That helped a lot.