Ninja Vanish?

I’m having trouble getting the string to whip around the yoyo instead of just a laceration. Any tips?


When I first learned this trick I held the string coming from my throwhand perpendicular to my body instead of parallel. This will make the string come around and fall into the gap of the yoyo without having the posibility of the string hitting the string coming from my throwhand. Also when you are grasping the string and about to whip it don’t do a quick, small, and fast motion…make it slow and exagerated (form a bigger circle with your nonthrowhand while whipping) so it will be easier to learn, then you can do it faster. Also put your hand closer to your throwhand’s side of the string (you want as much string as you can get when learning this). This trick is hard to learn at first but once you get it once it will all make sence. This is sortof a gateway trick (if I may say so) in that, once you learn this it will make other tricks easier like it.

I’m not sure what you mean by “instead of laceration” seeing that this trick isn’t a laceration, or maby I’m overthinking it…hope that helped

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I mean every time I do a ninja vanish I just end up in a trapeze as if I just did a laceration.

I know what you are doing wrong, I get it. Just do what I said in the previous post that should solve your problem. When you hold that string perpendicular to yourself that should eliminate that problem of you landing it the trapeze, because you are just undercutting the yoyo and landing on the string. Also make sure that you are swing the slack the right way.

Dude thanks!!! I just landed my first ninja vanish! That’s a great show-off trick

Now the question is: can I do it again? haha :wink:

I’m glad that I have helped

Congrats man i was having the same problem as you until i saw a video and i figured out that that i was supposed to land in the slack. Once i figured that out it was easy.

Yeah, I think I just landed it my 15th time…thanks!