Ninja Vanish help please.

ok so i got the whippy part down but the slack loop is always to the left of the yoyo. as in when im looking down on it, the string is in line with the center and bearing, but the slack loop is just off the the left.
hope this is clear lol.

I must say that the bigger the loop, the easier it is. It definitely takes practice.

Also, you should make sure you pop the yoyo straight up and not to the side or anything.

Hope this helps.

I think you might be popping the yo-yo up at an angle in which it is hard to catch in the loop.
If so, try to pop it up a little more vertically so it goes easier into the gap

Make sure you are curling your nth index to hook pinch the string, then tug the yoyo straight up, when it is almost at the crest of the pop turn your nth index over and push it out just a little bit so the yoyo catches into the formation.

hope that helped.

^I’d like to add to that.

Hook and pinch with two fingers. It’s easier.
Use your arm and slightly pull the yoyo up, then with your wrist and fingers, pull that string slightly inwards, towards you, then downwards. A circular motion, when done right. Be careful not to jerk it, a smooth circular whipping motion is what you’d want to achieve with your fingers. Relax.
At this point, don’t attempt to catch the yoyo yet, observe how the string moves in correlation to your finger movement, and note where the yoyo hops to. In my opinion, the ideal range is about 5-6 inches away from your NTH. And when confident, catch the yoyo.