So I finally got pop n fresh :). But then I come across another trick >:(.
I can do a laceration but cant seem to process the hook trick. Please help!

you might want to learn reverse slack trapeze first if you didn’t already. those two tricks are pretty similar exept this one gives you more time to see what is acctually happening (you’re holding the string with a pinch) while for hook you need to do everything at once in mid air (throw loop under the index finger with enough force to do a full 360 and the right string -the further away one- to hit the gap).

and also keep the tension neutral. and arm yourself with patience.

When the string comes around the NTH finger, the front string is the one grabbing the yoyo. Try to have the string grabbed the yoyo at the yoyo’s highest point. Timing is important here. Also, whip the back string into the hand (NTH) instead of the index finger will make the loop bigger and easier to grab the yoyo. See: https://youtu.be/dCGQoykUVHU?t=34s

do it this way


The way I learned it is to visualize the “U” that is formed with the whip, and remember to fit both the front and back of it on your finger, then you have to get the actual whipping motion down, which I started getting consistent with when I visualized it as a large, quickly done backwards “C” motion. You will eventually be able to visualize how the string is going over your finger, and it will take some practice. I’ve been working on it on and off for 2 weeks and I’m still only getting it +/-85% of the time

I have a few basic tips besides all the great advice that’s been given already:

  1. When first getting started with this trick, like cmehere said, instead of trying to get both strings of the U shape to land directly on your NTH finger, aim the slack to go over your NTH wrist and over your NTH finger. This will make the U shape much larger and easier to catch the yoyo on. To do this just aim the slack directly at your NTH wrist, since the other side of the U shape will follow the yoyo’s placement. Then once you get used to that you can practice just catching the strings on your NTH finger.

  2. When hopping the yoyo, try to get it extremely close to your NTH pointer finger (or whichever finger you use to catch the yoyo on). This will make it so the slack has to cover a lot less distance and make it so that there’s less room for error.

  3. Instead of holding your NTH directly in front of you, move it outward sideways from your body and slightly forward. You don’t need to move your NTH a lot, but this tip helps give the slack more room when you cross it over your NTH, and also for whatever reason when I do it with my NTH moved about 5 inches sideways outward from my body (since I’m right handed that’s 5 inches to the left), it makes this trick much easier for me.

  4. This was already mentioned by shtagod but I’m going to mention it again because it’s that important: Keep your string tension neutral. With any slack trick, you don’t want the string wrapping up in mid air.

Also a note for timing: You want the slack to be coming over your wrist at about the same time the yoyo is at an even level with your NTH finger, so that it will whip around just as the yoyo begins to fall back down. This may take a lot of practice, but another thing you can try is to practice the hop first until you’re getting the yoyo to consistently jump to right next to your NTH finger, and then start adding in the hook once you’ve gotten that down.

Just a short and sweet tip:

Don’t leave your NTH finger there for the loop to come around it. I guarantee (or at least in all the times I have done it, with 100% this is) that if you wait for the loop to form then insert your finger, it will work 100% better. I experimented with this because I noticed that every time I left my finger out then inserted it, it worked almost all of the time.