How to do Hook??

Do you guys have any tips into doing the trick Hook??

If you’re talking about Hidemasa Hook then this helped me lots:

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HE JUST NEEDED HELP! Gosh, that’s all.

What string are you using?

Well, two good tips are to get your finger close to the yoyo about once inch away and if your right handed, your free hand finger should be on the top left hand side of the yoyo. And when getting close to the yoyo, sweep your finger diagonally up into the string. This will let the loop get into the gap better.

When whipping try to make an arc shape with your hand

All I can really say is practice…alot. I practiced till I couldn’t swing my arm anymore. Then I took an hour break, and started all over again.

You’ll get it eventually!

I was able to do this trick once I put a Yolo Fox on yoyo, but any poly will work. Just saying what helped me.