Help with Hook

I need some serious help with the trick Hook. Ive only landed it 1 out of 10000000 tries… And it was hilarious when i landed it… M2 probably would agree lol. Anyways… Any tips like how high to pop up the yoyo, how big of a singing motion you make to create slack, how far to have your finger away from the yoyo… Stuff like that.

Which hook?

I think it is hidemasa hook

Hidemasa Hook (or however you spell it)
I think he means this one, wheres nmaster when you need him…

This helped me:

If it helps, use really big whipping motions and put your hands close together… also it could help to whip it around your wrist if it helps

One thing a lot of people do is pull their finger away from the yoyo as they pop it up for the hook. Try to keep your finger as close to the yoyo as possible (without hitting it) as you whip the string around. Hope that helps.

when i started learning the hook,i couldnt seem to get the loop over my finger into the gap.after a while i found a trick that helped alot,when you go to whip,do one more tiny whip motion to insure the slacks arrival to the yoyo.see if this helps.any Qs,pm me.i love new pms.

Ive been landing it more often now. I find that whipping very fast in a semi tight circle seems to help