Hook (Trapeze Whip) Help

I whip the yoyo over my pointer finger but nothing happens. Any tips?

Try whipping the string over your pointer finger.

Also I am a bit confused. Are you trying to land a standard trapeze laceration? Or a Hidemasa hook?

Hidemasa Hook

  1. PRACTICE!!! When I was learning this trick I try’d it so much my arm was sore.
  2. Have the yoyo to the right of your hand.
  3. have it as close to your hand as possible.
  4. Use a heavy string
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keep you hands togeather have long string and practice

When i was at PNWR i couldnt figure out how that trick worked. It takes practice but the number 1 thing that helped me was to not aim for the gap but to aim behind it, the string will come around and hook onto the yo yo

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I finally landed it! Thanks for the advice.