Hidemasa Hook Help Please!

I can’t get hook. I already know how to do lacreation. I already tried whipping hard (hurt my shoulder after like 30 tries).

I cant get the hook. Whenever I try to whip I mostly get into Lacreation.

Try to be more specific. What exactly is the problem?

Make sure you make a good solid circle with your throwhand when whipping, and do it fast. Make sure you are not aiming at the gap at the yoyo, but aim behind the yoyo, and your throwhand should be there. Just practice. Once you get the whip down, just practice until you can make the loop hit.


Whip hard. Try adding a wrist movement so that the whip is more powerful. Make sure you get a good circle. Also make sure you are aiming behind the yoyo.

This video helped me alot when I was learning it.


Check it out.

It hurt me, too. I know exactly where you come from. When you whip, try whipping behing the yo-yo, and stick your non-throwhand pointer out so the loop hits and flys around catching it. Took me a while to finally get it. I landed in some weird stuff. Lacerations, GT Laceration, and a Gyroscopic Flop mount thing. It is really weird, but it’ll get you there.

Bottom line, don’t whip into the gap, it pulls it out. Whip behind, then sort of move your throwhand forward a little to make the loop thinner, put out your non-throwhand pointer, and have it come around and catch. :slight_smile:

Love your vids, but I can never seem to get the dance part right.  ;D lol

Here’s what to do:

  • Don’t whip the string into the gap, whip it behind the yoyo.
  • make sure both segments of string goes around your finger.

This is fields of the trick people (I) tend to miss.

Yay!!! Thanks Guys!!! I seem to get it now! I can whip it twice and get into a hook too now!!! Thanks Again!!! ;D ;D ;D

i will say thanks as well … dnt think i would b able 2 do it but readin wat u guys ave said and watchin the vids made it a lot easier