Hidemasa Hook

When the loop comes around my finger it is not long enough to hook the yo-yo. Can anyone give me some advice?

Had the same problem. :slight_smile:

Try to whip more of a circular motion, and whip more under than just where your arm is.

You will miss the first tries, but you’ll get it like a pro later!

Whip behind the yo-yo, but make the loop a little thinner so it can fly faster and smoother.

If you whip into the gap, the single string will pull it down forcing it to pull back, so whip close, but not too close.

Good luck! :wink:

How do you make the loop thinner?

Whip closer to the back of the yo-yo. :slight_smile:


Sure thing! :wink:

The loop is not getting thinner it is just as wide and only one segment of string is hitting my finger.

You’ll get it.

Whip behind the yo-yo, and don’t pull the loop out.

Circular motion, whip hard.

I can’t help you further. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll practice more.

Actually, you dont have to whip hard, just in fluid motion, a hard jerky movement will do nothing. Also then you throw it around your finger, move you finger closer to the yoyo when the yoyo is in the air and make them level to each other. It just takes practice and for sure you’ll get it.

The wrong string keeps hooking the yo-yo. Any advice?

Ummm, when whipping pull your throw hand back more so the front string catches and the back string is more back so it wont catch.


Thats what I said! :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion i think you do need a big circular whip, aim to the back of the yoyo and make sure the yoyo is right next to your finger.

That is totally what i said

oh sorry i didnt look at other peoples comments my bad

I got it! Yay!

Sorry to bring back this thread but for some reason when i try to do hidemasa hook, i get into a GT whip or somthing like that ITS FREAKY please help i’ll post a video on my youtube account (hobbygod no duh lol)

You are basically just hitting only 1 string on your finger. Make sure you hit your finger with both of the strings that come around.