Help me and my Hidemasa hook!!!

You might have already taken a peak at the title. Hahaha. My hidemasa hook is terrible. Because I can’t land one! I have never landed a single hidemasa hook in my yo-yoing life. I land in either a regular trapeze laceration or a brent stole. Halp!

Have the loop swing around lower on your finger, it helps alot ;D

Hook was painful for me when I started. Just watch some videos and understand what is supposed to happen and just keep trying. Also you should try some strings that are designed for whips and suicides. I can personally recomend Airglow Strings of any format. With those you will be hitting double and ?Iwasawa? in no time. There are many other brands of string that can help too. Just look around. Most of all just practice.

Imagine the loop, the back string is the one coming from your finger to the loop. Basically when you do a brent stole the back string is the only one that hits your finger, in a Hidemasa hook, you need both strings to hit. The one coming from your finger and the one attached to the yoyo.

If you whip it hard enough (and since you can do a brent stole I don’t think this will be a problem), the loop will fly over your finger and land in the yoyo gap.

It’s easier to star trying to do it around your wrist, then make your way down to your finger.

Yeah, I started doing it around my wrist a bit too. With my throw hand, I kind of do two motions. A slow whip to get the string going (kinda like a laceration) then last moment I flick my wrist to whip it around quickly so the string will hook. Kind of hard to explain, I just watched a bunch of videos.

make a better whipping motion to ur left

This took me forever to learn…
When the slack is going around your finger, try pulling gently with your throwhand to speed up the loop.
Keep trying and you will get it. Eventually ;D