I hope I spelled it right :smiley: :smiley:
I was able to do it but took a break from it while working on string tricks. Now I can not do it. My problem is the slack/loop I form is not big enough to make it to the yoyo. Also, when I get a big slack I pop the yoyo so the slack is under the yoyo.
Any help?

Hidemasa hook, all I can say is watch the tutorial he makes. Try watching multiple tutorials on the trick.

This one was really hard for me and I felt like I was never gonna get it consistently. If you have it try a thicker string. That helped me a lot and made me realize how big a difference string can make. Once you get it though you can do it with any string. Try varying when you snap it around over and over. Faster, slower, you’ll find the right spot and it will work every time.

Hidemasa Hook took me a really long time to learn. I thought I was having another “Boingy Boing phase” (when there’s that ONE trick you can’t hit.) But eventually, it just sorts itself out with some practice. You want to keep your non-throwhand pointer as close to the yoyo as possible. Bring your hands closer together as the slack swings over your pointer. This should make the loop longer and more opened up. The slack should come over and hook the yoyo on the back side.

This is one of those tricks that only took a couple days for me to get. I’ve landed it in 3 different ways though which is weird. Most of the time I land in a way that I can just dismount into a trapaze, sometimes it mounts as though it could dismount into a triangle (which I’m sure is not correct), and last one dismounting into a backwards trapaze in which is ready for me to bind :slight_smile:

https://instagram.com/p/37ofTVkBv9/ Here’s a slow-mo of me doing the motion and catching it in backwards trapeze form.