Does anyone know how to do hidemasa hook multiple times?

Does anyone know how to do hidemasa hook multiple times without dropping the string? I would like lots of tips and videos.

my tip is to get the loop as shorter as you can, big loops on repeated hidemasa hooks tend to increase the snagging rate (and it hurts sooooo bad!)

The main thing is how you flick the string. You got to get enough force behind it to get it to go around multiple times. That while be the main factor. You could also try getting some different string types if you wish. Heavier strings like nylon will be easier to whip around.

Most I’ve done so far is 6 consecutive and im using my proz I picked up three days ago, my advice is find the right amount of tug to pop up the yoyo then right as you pop it swing your throw hand in a loop, I found the bigger the loop, the more the slack you have around your non throw to catch it. It’s got to be in a fluid motion, at least imo. I hope I helped

Your never going to land it without the string dropping from your finger, but once you can get is smooth enough it will barely look like you drop it.

Only advice i’d give, it try and pop as little as you can. Try hitting the hook without moving your arm as well, or moving it as little as possible, straight from a break away do that you can start to hit it a little smoother

PM JAX%^. He is a ninja at multiple hooks in a row.

one tip i can give you is that when you pop the yoyo and whip the string around it, is that your finger is reallly close to the yoyo when its popped up that way the whip is easier to catch around the yoyo, hope this helped

What i do, is right when you are about to do another hook, slide your finger out of the strings, and continue this motion.