Hidemasa Hook!

Hey guys, i’m having troubles with Hidemasa Hook. I got the motion but whenever i dismount, it lands in a trapeze with a twist in the loop like when you do a laceration. Then later i found out that the slack twists when it hits the yoyo. Any tips/suggestions?

I’m not really understanding what you’re saying but when you’re doing the hook you need to make sure that the slack that comes over your finger hooks on to the back side of the yoyo (if that makes any sense).

Yea i just had that problem. try to whip the slack farther back on ur finger and try to put the yoyo kind of at the front. just make sure the string can still get into the gap. Its basicly what almostfamous said try to get the slack into the back of the yoyo

ur just not hitting the string rite it happened to me lot of times just know where to hit the string hope this helps

Basically what’s happening here is you’re landing the yoyo on the back portion of the slack loop instead of the front. Try moving your throwhand farther back in comparison to the yoyo during the whip motion to sort of isolate that front string. It’ll work fine after that.