Every time I try to land a hook, I either end in a Laceration, or get it wrapped up around my hand. What am I doing wrong?

See if this helps:


When you swing the string underneath the yoyo, you should see a sort of “u” shape with the string - you want to stick your finger to intercept the two strings of that shape, and let the strings swing around, with the string furthest from your body landing in the gap.

Took me a while to learn, but once you land it a couple times, you should have a feel for the trick.  Keep trying!

When you’re whipping the string, try whipping it toward your opposite shoulder/arm. The loop that is being created should be a bit behind the yoyo; you’re not throwing it straight under the yoyo like a laceration.

At least that’s the tip that helped me land it consistently. :slight_smile:

Throw the string hard. Also have your finger already out, so the string hits it as soon as it comes around.

thx, I got it now!

Speaking of hook…

I did a hook, but when I dismounted, I was in a GT :o
I could never replicate it :frowning: