Hidemasa Hook

I just can’t seem to land this. The loop comes around AHH I LANDED IT

only twice…

ok… for anyone else learning this, the trick is to pop the yoyo up and THEN whip afterwords

I was struggling hard but then I got new string and landed it really easily

I thought I was never gonna get this one and then all of the sudden it happened. Now I can do it just about every try and it still amazes me. Heavier clean new string seems to make it easier. Try whipping your wrist at different times and eventually you’ll find it consistently.

So r u trying to teach or trying to learn ???

Also, thats a slight exaggeration considering if you really take that to mind, the whipping motion would have to be pretty quick to wrap around your fingers and catch the yoyo b4 falling back down

I like to think to do it at the same time. As you pop, the whipping motion should have start too.

It is also best to check string tension before any slack trick. :wink:

First time I saw this trick I never knew the string came over my index LOL

I’m not the person to ask I landed Brent stole and hook on accident when I was learning.

haha I don’t know how that works! XD

when i land it and unwind one way, the trapeze i land in has a twist in it, is it bad?

If you unwind and it should be in an undermount (or trapeze on the bottom if the string ) but if you are getting a trapeze mounted on the top with one extra loop you aren’t landing it right.