1.5 hook help

i cannot do this trick for my life i have been trying for 30 minutes straight ??? >:(

This is a tough trick. I found it helpful to make sure there is no tension what so ever in the string first and then it’s a matter of doing your whip well keeping your hands perfectly in line so the string travels well and straight. If done right the hook should land on its own And you shouldnt even have to move your throw hand much at all .It’s hard and this may not help much but just keep at it and you will figure it out

Make sure you are using REALLY whippy strings, like Toxic strings. I can land 1.5 hook easily with whippy strings, but with normal highlights I can’t land it to save my life.

Whoops I totally thought you were doing something else. My bad.

It’s a combination of hidemasa hook and brent stole. Learn those first if you haven’t already. When you whip the string let it hit your NTH pointer just like brent stole. Then you have the two strings go over your TH pointer and hook the yoyo. Basically it’s landing a hidemasa hook on your TH but having the string first come over your NTH pointer first. Understand how it works first, then keep trying it. Good luck!