Hook help

Hey everyone,

I have not been able to land this trick at all (I think I landed it ONCE, I THINK). I’m able to land laceration and GT laceration with no problem, but when I attempt the hook I just land into one of those two tricks.

I’ve been trying to get both strings to wrap around my index, but no go. Any tips?

Thanks in advance.

Make sure you intercept both strings. It is very similar to GT Laceration (which I can’t believe you learned before Hook, that’s impressive) in the fact that you grab a string (or with Hook, both strings) and let the other fall into the yoyo. What might help is to make a big loop (if you can still grab the strings) so that it is big enough to get around and hit the yoyo like it is supposed to. Most of all, practice, it sounds like you’re almost there.

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Yeah, I honestly find the GT laceration much easier. I’ll try making a bigger loop. Thanks!!

I totally agree, i know brent stole but ive only landed hook a few times :slight_smile:

Don’t try to get both strings on your index. Let the inside part of the loop go over your hand at your knuckles or even a little further back.

Hmm, I see what you mean. I’ll be practicing that in a bit.Thanks

Wow i finally landed it after months of practice. Guess this post brought me luck haha. Thanks fellas

I too had this same issue. Learned GT laceration first. Just tried it one day and had it in one shot. Had no problem after that. Then tried the hook and couldn’t land one. It was frustrating. But I learned that a real clean, straight whip is key.

I also have trouble with this trick. Seems like one of those tricks that like to cause trouble.

Congrats, now do it 50 times so you don’t forget. :smiley: I tend to forget how to do some tricks if I don’t do them enough immediately after learning.

I am better at hooks now than I was 3 weeks ago. Soft string helps, and getting a good whipping motion really helps.