Hey there :slight_smile:

i got a big problem, i skiped learning hook few months ago, and now after perfecting my brent stole ( i land it about 90% of time ) i decided to finally learn hook :slight_smile: and my problem is i just cant land it even once, i always end in GT like in bs or knot, any advice?

Catch BOTH strings of the loop over your finger. They wrap around and land on the yoyo.

i know that but i just cant do it ;p and now after countless time trying it i cant even hit brent stole more that 50% ;p omg :<

 When doing a brent stole, the loop should form from moving your throw-hand forward to catch the string coming over your non-throw-hand finger and the string now between your hands.  You could think of this as a ninja vanish started with 1 hand.  
 The hook is slightly different.  The trick to making it work is to move your throw-hand back slightly before you intercept both string segments so the loop opens up nice and wide.  If you learned brent stole first, you might find this motion counter-intuitive.  The other option is to start the motion of popping the yoyo while it is out-of-plane with your throw-hand (slightly in front of it), then aiming the back end of the loop for the base of your pointer.  Either way, once the loop comes around your pointer, you're aiming to land it on the front-most part of the loop.

So i dont know if you got it down by now, but i just learned hook 2 days ago (getting it consistent now). What helped me a lot was to make a large motion with my TH so the slack has a lot of power to wrap around, also i made the mistake just to stick my NTH pointer out, its way easier to HIT the U shaped loop with the pointer, that makes it a lot easier to wrap around your finger.
also i use very visible string so i can make sure i hit both strings, and i try to control the height of the yoyo so its just beside my NTH pointer when i hit into the strings

maybe it helps! i hit it for the first time after about 20mins with those little tricks. good luck

Best tip I have is to simply aim the string towards the base of your non throwhand pointer finger.

By whipping to the back of your finger, the loop with hit it and come out at the front of the yoyo. This tip alone is what got me to keep landing it.

Good luck! ^^

throw the slack out of the yoyo (from behind of the yoyo) like throwing a laceration, then aim ur finger, preferably a little higher and in motion with the yoyo. The string should land into it, just need some practice to get the feel, like doing boings.

it took me one month to get it LOL ! (cuz not working seriously on it >.<)

btw, its a good trick to learn, if mastered , can slip into lots of combos for a smooth and flashy finish.