Triangle Laceration

I can get the firt part where you catch it in a trapeze but I dont see how to get a Triangle… I watched the clips on MasterMagic and Yoyoexpert but I don’t get it… any videos/tips/ideas? (This is a modification I forgot to put it on the trick thing instead of general)

Do you know Hidemassa hook yet?

same problem here, i can do every trick on this website except for green triangle laceration, superman and double iron whip, help me too, and yes i can do the hook

I can do one finger hook, not two. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

same…i can’t do the hook either tho. the string does not fly over my finger, it just hits my finger and…stops. won’t wrap around. any tips?

The main thing is to really exaggerate the whipping motion. Also, practice.

When i saw the title, i was surprised. Then i saw this, and i laughed. Please guys, don’t look into the 15th page or something. Just keep to the front 2-3 pages.

Anyway, to help those in the future, remember to only hit the back string on your finger.


rsmod is right lol

Also when whipping whip a lot of string. After the string is whipped then move your throw hand away from you about a foot or so. This helps get the string to loop around the yoyo instead of the string that is tied around your finger. The more you do it the less you’ll have to move that hand.

Shouldn’t this go in the trick section?
anyway when you whip and move your trhow hand forward if you have the string closer to the yoyo there is more of a chance it will catch.

Since this thread is up, I can do the triangle laceration about 50% of the time, the other half it lands in a reverse trapeze… I’m not sure what I’m doing differently to land it differently, anyone else run into this?

I can’t get it 100% of the time, but thats because I rarely do this trick. Try keeping your freehand finger extended and stationary through the whole trick. You really want to make a big loop come across your finger. This part is a little bit tricky. You want to move your throw hand forward just as the yoyo drops below where you hand is. So you basically want the string from your throw hand to barely go over the top of the yoyo.

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