Trapeze whip help

i keep trying to do trapeze whip but i can not do it. I can do triangle whips and everything below this… Can some1 make a tutorial or give some advise. Thanks

Often times today that trick is called hook.

Start with getting a general idea of how the trick works. The string loop hits your hand and loops around and hooks the yo-yo. Instead of using your finger right off the bat, use your whole arm. Whip the loop around that, but don’t worry about catching the yo-yo. Then, move on to using your finger and hitting the trick.

Be sure to also whip hard and big. Smooth movements will help in letting you understand everything that’s going on in the short time the trick happens as well as making the trick look good.

Here are two tutorials I found especially helpful as I was learning hook:
(Grawrd being awesome in teaching)
(Xdohls also being awesome in teaching)

ok if after i roll its in a clean trapeezze is it wrong or should they be crossed???

For hook, the strings should be crossed.

For “trapeze whip”, or the basic “laceration” as it’s often called, there is a tutorial on this site. When you do that, the loop should be twisted around your finger, but the yoyo should be in a normal trapeze.

that trick is dang hard that i have pretty much given up any hope of EVER being to catch it consistently

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