trapeze whip

i have been having alot of trouble with the trapeze whip any advice?

What’s a trapeze whip?

It’s a Hidemasa Hook.

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I learned this one recently. So what you need to START doing… At first, just try to get both parts of the string to hit your NTH finger. Do you know what I mean? If not I can make a video to explain it. Once you can get both parts of the string (the half coming from your yoyo, and the one from your finger) to hit your finger, keep doing that, and try to get more of the string to hit it and get a loop to come over. Just keep practicing getting that loop bigger. It will help to pop the yoyo up as close to your finger as you can. And whip the string really quicky, so you get a loop to from before the yoyo falls back down. Hope that helps. If not, PM me and I can make a vid.

also what really helps is when you have gotten the loop bigger, try to get the string into the gap through the back half of the yoyo this will help you get it more consistent. hope this helped

Oh, never heard it referred that way, cool.

I find this trick pretty easy actually. It didn’t really take a lot of time to learn. I kind of do two motions to perform this trick. Hard to explain but I’ll try my best. You wanna start your initial “whip” and get the motion going. The only way to really understand how this motion works is to watch a video. As the string contacts your NTH finger I kinda give my TH wrist a little extra flip/tweak. For me it seems to help with the hook. This is a trick that’s really going to take practice to understand how the motion works. It’s almost like a reverse slack trapeze minus the starting trapeze and everything thrown into one motion.