help with and whut???

ok heres whats up…im haveing trouble forming the 2nd triangle in and whut…after the pop when i roll over to the outside string, instead of forming a triangle it makes a triangle like formation but its not hooked like its supposed to be…when i let go of it it all drops straight down instead of makeing the traingle…i dont think im doin then pop wrong it may be the part before it…dont know…i cant figure it out…ive watched video after video and i just cant seem to get it…please help…thanx rob

Are you underpassing the right string? Make sure that after the pop, it looks the same as before, only with the string attached to your throwhand middle has wrapped around the trapeze.

You are popping the yo-yo out the front of the loop, then bringing the loop up and around from the back to the front of the yo-yo, then letting the yo-yo land back on the same string it was on.

Sorry if that was confusing, I’m trying to explain it the best I can.

Sounds to me like the pop is exactly what’s going wrong. When you pop the yo-yo out of the under mount, pop it out the front and then forget about every other string besides the one that is connected to your throwhand. At that point, push that string forwards, over and in front of the yo-yo, keep circling until that string makes it to the bottom, and land it into the gap. At that point you should be able to look down and see an extra wrap in the string coming from the yo-yo on your throwhand side. That’s your triangle forming right there. After that, you can continue the underpass to the outside string and your triangle will form. I know it was hard to see in Andre’s video if that’s what you’re learning off of, but that’s the basic motion. If you need any more help, or if this was confusing, I’ll be glad to clarify.

ok i tried out the things u guys told me… i think i got i did form a triangle…i just hope its the right one…i think the pop was the problem (thanx rat) …so when i do the pop am i suposed to take the yoyo around the whole formation top string and all or only the bottom string…i ask this because if i do the pop and only allow it to wrap the bpttom then underpass to the outside string it makes a triangle…so i hope this is right…i was hopping it up and takeing it over the top string and then back down…so i think i got it…/ ;D

when you pop the yoyo make sure you pop take the sting over in front of the yoyo and land on bottem string

i got it guys… :o…thanx guys…this forum is awesome…everyone that helped me thank you so much…