Push Trap tutorial

This is a good rejection to start with. (Unlike that fake rejection Magic Drop) :slight_smile:

Moar Explanation!


thanks for the tutorial. one question, does the yo-yo go straight up and come straight down while you manipulate the strings from your (body) side, or does the yo-yo hop up and over the stings, towards your body? maybe an easy way to put it is, does the yo-yo stay to the front of the formation or hop back towards you over all the strings? (that’s still one question, just poorly worded twice).

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Thanks so much Morg, helps a lot. Can’t wait to get home and try it. :slight_smile:

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I should have done a side shot.
It goes mostly straight away from your body.

It goes up some, but you don’t have to throw it up. It just does that as it swings away from you.

Cool element, slowly picking up on this. Hardest part is getting it all in a fluid motion but got the mechanics sorted out pretty much instantaneously.

Thanks so much for that tut! I’ve been wondering how to get that to work for a while now. Has anything interesting to transition out of the “paisley triangle” been found yet?

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It’s pretty basic, but I put this together.

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