looking for some help

I’m having a hard time seeing what’s going on during the slack part of this trick. I’d love to learn this but I can’t puzzle it out. Anyone know this trick and able to offer some instruction?


Hey man.

Ok… Let’s see if I can explain this… lol.

Pinch the string between your throwhand thumb and index finger, for the whipping motion. Your index finger knuckle points to the sky. Throw the string up and out to your throwhand side. As you are whipping the string to make the loop, your throwhand goes diagonally down and ends pointing at your non-throwhand side pocket. The loop drapes over the back of your throwhand, so it runs from your middle finger, where it is tied, drapes down over the back of your throwhand and comes across your wrist. The loop will swing towards your non-throwhand side, while you twist your throwhand wrist so that the yo-yo enters the loop on the “back of your hand” side. Your non-throwhand index finger is under the string on the other side of your body. You just swing the yo-yo into the loop as it comes around and forms.

I think that is the part you had the most trouble with. The rest is just landing in a green triangle, and popping out the front, and then repeating the trick while keeping the fluid motion.

I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

p.s. - Wood is good. :wink:

I understood what I needed to do as soon as you said to pinch the string. I’ve got to wait til tomorrow morning to try it, but I imagine it’ll keep me happily busy and not sleeping for a chunk of the day (I work nights).
Thanks a ton.

P.S. wood IS good :slight_smile:

You are very welcome.