And whut problem

Everytime i go to do the first “pop” in and what and land in the trapeze i always get a knot. This happen to anyone else and solved it? I have tried popping in front ad back and just don’t know what is going on. Any help is appreciated!

hold on, do you mean when coming out of the 1.5 triangle?

if so, you pop out of the back


The end part of the second video andre posted.
I’llt ry to get a video posted when i can, prolly later today or tomorrow.


If I understand your problem right, when you get to the point where you do the first pop, jump the yoyo between the 2 strings; NOT out the front. I hope that’s your answer.  ;D

If the above isn’t your problem, or it didn’t make sense, check this place out:
… (For this make sure you have “Quick Time Player”): Just scroll down to “Master” and pick And Whut. When you get there, select “view 2” for a first person perspective. Then just slow it down for yourself and find the EXACT point (easy to do with the “frame by frame” arrows), and find out what you are doing wrong. I hope that also made sense and helped you out.  ;D Good luck!

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This should help you see what you are doing wrong

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Thanks a ton guys! Finally understand what i was doing wrong. Now I have to get down popping out the back every time and i’m set!