And Whut (ripping my hair out on this trick)

Hey guys, I’m having some real serious problems with the last part of And Whut, the part after getting off of Trapeze and his Bro, then with the pop. I just can’t seem to get the motion down right, I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I saw all the topics here regarding my problem but they didn’t seem to help me that much, as I’m still having trouble. When I DO land it I land in a weird position, but point is, it’s not the right one (I don’t know if it helps but in some instances I land back in a Trapeze and his Bro). It’s really frustrating because noone around me yoyo’s, so I don’t have anyone to help me in person with it. Anyone have any crucial tips for this pop?

Are you talking directly about the last pop, or getting into the position for it? I’ll assume the first.

Basically, what you’re doing is popping the yoyo into the air, moving the string over the top of the yoyo, and landing back onto that same string from the “back” of the string. It also might help to see what you’re aiming to land first:

When you go from trapeze and bro to landing onto the string before the pop, bring the yoyo underneath all the strings and towards your body first. Then come around the “back” side of the string and land on it there. This is what you’re aiming to land with that pop.

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For the motion, I found that doing the trick without doing the pop for a while helped me understand what I had to get the yoyo to do. So instead of trying to do the pop, just have the yoyo in the trapeze and bro position then move the yoyo off the front string letting it hang from your throw hand pointer, then swing the yoyo under and onto the back string.

Hope this helps.

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That’s pretty much how I figured it out where it was supposed to go too. It’s kind of hard to see whats going on in the video, because it happens so quickly. Eventually I got the pop right by imagining it was a jump rope and just trying to focus on hopping it over the yoyo and then going back to the exact same position I was in before the pop. Dig?

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Thanks guys, I understand now, especially the tip about thinking of it as a jump rope. Thank you guys for taking the time to help me on this trick.

No problems dude, I am always keen to help out on this trick, because it gave me sooooo much grief when I was trying to learn it.