Help with "And Whut" trick

So I can get part one and two and i can swing it around, bounceit off the top string onto the bottom string, but the video on here doesnt really go into detail about what string i hit the yoyo on after poping it up and going around it. Please help with detailed descriptions or other video’s.

wait, this shoud probly be in the tricks section. sorry

Maybe that will help you understand what’s going on.

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man did you search for this before you posted?

Ok so it’s the pop you are having trouble with, the way I got it and have helped a ton of people figure this part out it to forget about poping the yoyo up and bringing the string over and under for now.
What I did was to figure out what I had to get the yoyo to do. So my advice is to swing the yoyo off the top string and under and around to land on the bottom string, this way you can see the direction that you have to get the yoyo to go and you can start using a popping motion to pratice and it will fall into place.

I had lots of trouble on this pop too. What you do is pop the yo in the front. As the yo comes back down, you move the bottom string in front of the yo and have the yo land there. It should cross the bottom string and the string attached to the yo. The rest is easy to figure out. I hope that helped.