Help me do and what!

Ok so I have learned most of the and what trick but got stuck on the last part. After you pop out of the triangle and then get into an under mount right? Ok so from andre’s video I know that you pop the yoyo up and then bring the string over??? Thats where I get lost. Do you pop it from the front on the back? What’s the movement that you do with the string?
Thank you and keep throwing!

this pop is very confusing for alot of people I was stuck on it for ages then just one day I made sence of it.
I started not poping the yoyo in the one move, but more of just poping off the top string then swinging the yoyo up behind the lower string and landing it on that string.
Once you get to see the motion the the yoyo needs to take, you can start doing the pop up and under movement.

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Thank you so much! I finally got it. Now I just need to be able to do it with the pop but what you said showed me what I had to do thank you! I just did my first master trick! X)


no problems im just glad I could help, I had so many dramas with the same part.

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Thanks again…ok now on to superman!