Superman first pop...

Decided i needed to learn a new trick and took a look at Andre’s Superman videos. However, in part 1, do i pop the yoyo in front of the top string and through the triangle or behind? I understand the rest of the trick but I’m pretty sure this is important to the rest of it. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you pop out between you and the strings, so you pop inwards.

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No he had it right. You pop outward and enter the triangle from the front so that if you need to dismount before the end of the trick, you can just do a regular Spirit Bomb dismount.

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alright sweet thanks guys :slight_smile:

behind he says behind to so try reading the words on side of page if you cant understand what he says.

Haha, completely forgot about that. Merci beaucoup andrew. :smiley: (I’m not actually french btw, lol)