Superman help

hello there,
this is my first post. HI ALL

ive been having trouble with a certain trick ^^ superman…
it is VERY frustrating.
i can sometimes to do first pop which isnt the problem.
its the end pop where you swing it through the triangle. i have only done it one by absolute pot luck and i am getting so stressed because of it lol im snapping strings.

i been trying for about a month to do it and i can do all other tricks i.e spirit bomb freestyles. im generally good on yoyo’s just that one pop.
and also if it helps im using a dark magic and i also have a plastic grind machine.

thanks any help or videos appreciated

its ok. not to worry ive given up on it all together. i dont think this trick is humanly possible and all the videos around are photoshop’d

this thread can be closed :frowning:

Its not impossible. I know because i can do it. And i can do a harder variation i made up. Anyways, try to get the triangle as big as possible. Pull it down before you do the pop, and you’ll eventually not need to do that. Also, you may want to try just rolling the yoyo the triangle, that can help you get the motion. That being said, in my variation, i just roll though the triangle twice and it dismounts the whole thing.

whatch the vids closely, maybe when ur more experienced it will be easier. I was in your position and i couldnt do it either, then i came back later and it was way easy, practice