superman problem

I got a problem in superman…
In the last part, swinging the yoyo back to the original wist mount.
I find it very difficult to swing the yoyo through the little triangle…
Is there any trick to this?

No wonder you find it very difficult, because that’s what it exactly is! (at least to me :P)

First of all, you should try to make a big triangle right in the wrist mount and when the last swing comes, you can try to widen it with your throwhand thumb and middle finger. You should also try to release the yo-yo only when the swing reaches its highest point.

Superman is quite hard trick; don’t be frustrated if you can’t get it on the first try. Practice makes perfect!

Here is how you do the whole trick:

Begin with a Spirit Bomb Mount and continue through to just before you would make the first pop up. Open the triangle being formed with your throwhand, and pop the yo-yo up and into it from the inside landing it back on the middle string. Using your non-throwhand bring the yo-yo double on the string. Make sure to make an L shape with your throwhand. Then rock the yo-yo back the other way under, and over your throwhand. A string should drop off similiar to in Magic Drop, landing the yo-yo on the front string. Pop the yo-yo straight up and back onto the middle string from the front. You will notice this is where you started in step 3. Bring your finger in towards the string on the yo-yo and land the yo-yo on it, similar to how you dismount, except do this towards the front. Slowly rock the yo-yo towards your throwhand and up and through that small triangle, allowing it to land back onto the middle string, but from the back. Dismount as you do at the end of Spirit Bomb. You’re done!

Hope this helps!

the triangle always get smaller through out the trick.
although in the beginning i make a really big triangle…
it become a small one inf the last part

Watch this video, and it will help:

Happy Throwing! =]

Put the string on your middle finger as far as possible, and the wrist mount string as near to your arm as possible. Other than that, you really just have to practice, people can pop through small triangles easily with enough practice.

I think I am nearly get it :wink:
more practise is needed

that last part is hard

i kinda modified the dismount for wrist mount and also how i get out of superman so um ya…

sometime ill post a vid (if i get a camera) so i can show the world!!!and be famous
yay me