Help with Superman

I can do all of it fine until I have to swing the yoyo through the triangle. I’m not sure how to make it “bigger.” Every time I try to do that, the yoyo hits another string and bounces back down. And when I do make it through the triangle, what string do I land the yoyo on?


What yoyo are you using? I can only do it with my undersized yoyos, so you might want to try stepping down to a yoyo with a smaller diameter to make it a bit easier. Other than that, it just takes a ton of practice.

You should pop it through the triangle and have it fall to the inside, i.e. closest to your body, and land it on the bottom string. You can then dismount normally.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

when your going to get into the mount to swing out of the triangle widen the triangle your going to swing through using your thumb by pulling the the left << or the right if your left handed.