Brent stole.

I finally got to the point where i can land the trick almost every time. For some reason thoug, the triangles i land into are tiny. like just barley big enough to pop the yoyo out of. any tips on getting the triangles bigger?

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Look at the time he posted it at

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That’s awesome! ( the time thing)

Try to exaggerate the motion of the trick.

ive tryed every way i can think of to try to get the slack loop bigger to try to get the triangles bigger, bit if anything im making it worse! now every once in a while ill pop up into a triangle that is literally too small to fit the yoyo trough

If you want a bigger triangle, it makes the trick harder.

If you really concentrate, the loop you whip with your throw hand whips through the air, is intercepted by a string segment before hitting the yoyo on the other side. The way to change the size of the triangle, you have to get the whip to hit closer to your throw hand if that makes sense. With this method I can hit a brent stole so big I can do a suicide after, but it makes it a lot harder because you actually have to catch the yoyo in the loop, compared to just randomly whipping, and letting the width of the yoyo catch the string.

Well this works for me:

  1. throw a breakaway and let it sleep, hanging just in front or outside of my right leg(right hand is my throw hand).

  2. bring the left hand across my body, towards my throw hand. I will have a small triangle almost every time.

  3. If I leave my left hand on the left side of my body, or just over my left leg, whip the string acrossed my body, large triangle almost every time.

Basically it’s just a different way of thinking about throwing a larger whip and you can use your legs as reference points. I don’t know, it worked for me.

I had this problem too. Just put your NTH index finger further to the left (if you’re right handed) or to the right (if you’re lefty). It will make the triangle wider.