Need Help With Superman

I’ve been working on this trick for a while and I just can’t get the last part where you swing the yo-yo back up through the triangle. It’s fine if I skip the middle portion of the trick, but if I try the trick in full the triangle shrinks down to where I can’t get the yo-yo through. Any suggestions?

I had this same problem, and unfortunately the only advice i can give is practice the trick, and don’t get discouraged when a week or two goes by and you still have not got it. I eventually got it, but i had to practice for a while.

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Sounds like you need a larger triangle. When you get into your wrist mount, look to see how large the triangle is. Increasing the size of the triangle at this point can result in a larger triangle to pop through at the end.

Another way to explain it would be that when you land the wrist mount, land the yo on the string closer to your non throw hand index finger then you have been.

Also try a longer string. It just naturally makes everything bigger.

There’s a move I do that I can’t describe very well; during the underpass right before that “through the triangle” move, I let my throwhand follow the momentum of the yoyo as it wants to swing towards the NTH side. I don’t know why, but this allows you to grow the triangle.

I doubt you can tell what’s going on from this video, but from what it’s worth, at 0:40 or so:


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Thats interesting, Greg; you do the trick a bit differently to me but I like it!

Cincodrums, what helped me was to get a little swing back happening with the tiny trapeze over the NTH. Swing a little away and then towards the triangle you need to throw it through. It is key to get a feel for when to pull your finger out of the trapeze as your throwing it through as well.

Hope that might help you. :slight_smile:

Glen, this is a trick that everybody does a bit differently it seems. :wink:

I elected to do it the Jason Lee way (since he’s the creator), with influence from Vasek Kroutil’s tutorial. It’s about as legit as I can still land it. Jason Lee goes back over all 4 fingers where I use only 2 (that’s a nod to Vasek). Vasek also provided the string-spreading guidance but other than that he does it essentially the way Jason Lee does.

I think I might learn the Jason Lee way too, it flows much better than mine I think. I leaned the Shinya Kido variant of the trick.

My And Whut is also different to others I’ve seen, but variety is the spice of life. :slight_smile:

open up the triangle with your thumb.