Brent stole help?

I get the basic idea of it, and like, i know how to do it, but i can never even come close to landing it.

Anyone got any weird tips to land it, other than practice more?

Wow, this is one of the hardest tricks for me. But I can do it now!

When you whip it try to put your non-throw-hand on the back string, then try to sorta hook the string around the yo-yo, this is not like Hidemasa hook.

I hope this helps,


yeah like shadowz said you have to make sure to grab the back string. I was talking to Alex Berenguel, i think he was the one who created this trick, and one bit of advice that he gave me for practicing it was taking the string and looping the end that usually goes around the yoyo and putting it on a door knob and trying to get the motion down that way. It seemed to help for me

Now, I’m not saying that it’s me. I simply ask for those people who may be inquiring. ::slight_smile:

What can you do to make the triangle bigger? When I – I mean, when some people who are just learning the trick – are starting out, sometimes the triangle is small. Any pointers for those good-hearted individuals? :wink:

the more i practiced it the bigger the triangle became for me i never noticed anything i did differently, maybe try grabbing the string closer to your throw hand?

I can make my brent stole bigger by moving my hands together while doing it.


I make mine bigger by moving my throw hand fast at first but when it goes on the other side of the yoyo I slow it down when it moves back to the right if that makes sense. Your not pulling that string out of the triangle if you slow your hand down.