triangle slack

i could get the loop to hook into the gap but i cant get the the other piece or string kinda go in side the loop help???

I guess that you just end up hooking onto the yoyo without getting the triangle. One thing that will work, is to bring the string forward, right above the yoyo. Then when the string hooks onto the yoyo you should get a triangle there.

Addment: Bring your throwhand forward as a “part” of the whip. Basically just whip and move your throwhand in front of the yoyo.

thanks pheenix your advice worked i can do the trick but the triangle is very small when i do it how do i make the triangle bigger

Make the whip bigger, so the thing that swings around your wrist is bigger, then the triangle will be bigger! Note: I usually get them pretty small too. Now, its time to start learning brent stole for you!

On YYE, the thing is called “Triangle Laceration

Brent Stole is the name its most referred to as.

To make it larger, keep your hands farther apart.

I thought it was keeping them closer apart? Then there is more room for slack right? Correct me if im wrong :wink:

I keep em far apart and it works pretty well… but I’ve seen close together.

Just don’t keep them medium-ish!

thanks guys i got it ;D ;D ;D