Tips on whips especially triangle laceration?

been trying to land a triangle laceration just cant get it any tips, and ive been trying to get into more whipping style tricks (not sure what else to call it) any new ones or pointers?

Well, one thing that will effect ALL whip/slack tricks is your string choice. Fatter strings tend to hold slack better and keep their shape when whipped.

I suggest Fat Kitty String for the perfect blend of whippyness, comfort, and price. Cheaper “bulk” strings just don’t whip as good. Higher end strings, like Twisted Stringz, whip better than Fat Kitties, but are really expensive to use on all of your throws every day.

Also… Make sure you achieve near neutral tension before attempting your whips and slacks.
As for Brent Stole… Remember to move your throw hand forward after intercepting the string with your non throw hand index. Moving the string forward forces the loop of slack that forms to whip backwards (towards you). This backward whipping loop is what you are trying to guide into the gap of the yoyo.

If you want to easily learn the mechanics of whips, I suggest acquiring some Twisted Stringz Project-X. That string makes all whips and slacks extremely easy. It will allow you to learn the motions, and understand what is actually occurring during those tricks. Once you have that understanding, replicating it with a less whippy string will be much easier.

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Practice doing wrist whips, and inserting your non throw hand finger into the loop former by the whip, and catching the yoyo as normal, and then letting the string fall off of your wrist and into a GT formation. After you get this solid, do it all in one motion.

To be clear, are we referring to a Brent stole or a triangle laceration?

Other than string tension and string choice, the best tip I can give you is to not try to whip it too hard or too fast. It should be a nice smooth motion.


sweet thanks for the tips, think im starting to get that motion just trying to catch it in that loop when it falling think im moving my hand to far. and is string lab X anygood for whips?

Type X is good for just about everything except your bank balance XD Keep at it man. It’s always the really simple tricks that take the longest to master.


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Yeah it’s great.

Triangle laceration not sure what brent stole is XD
just making sure i do a normal laceration but when my NTH pointer intercepts i move my TH forward a little?

I’m under the impression that Brent Stole is the same as a triangle laceration.


That’s how I see it a lot, Brent Stole/GT laceration

I am referring to a GT laceration where it is similar to a wrist whip, I think that is the GT laceration that in taught on this site.

But sounds like he is talking about a Brent stole.

It’s not a hard mystery to solve, people. Look at this video:

And tell me if it looks like a Brent Stole or not. :wink:

Note: string really is important to a degree. I simply CANNOT get the required momentum on thin and flowy strings. Even normal Kitty can do the trick, but Fat Kitty (as recommended earlier) is really in the right zone for a low-cost string.

Also, I don’t know why but I kept moving my non-throw-hand forward. Which was defeating the purpose and foiling my attempts to “visualize” where the loop was supposed to be. Amazingly, I landed a few anyhow, so I thought it was just a matter of practice.

Throw hand, Greg! Move the THROW hand forward. :wink:

Can’t for the life of me get bigger loops, though. Wee little triangles.