triangle laceration


Unfortunately I can’t find any good links to triangle laceration besides the one here:

However, I highly suggest learning Brent Stole first. In my opinion, it is much easier. Here are some videos:

I managed to find this one

Made me laugh! ;D

I’m trying this too, and failing miserably =)

lol Andre’s triangle laceration is teaching brent stole, aint it?

whats the difference between brent stole and triangle laceration

Brent stole is sticking your finger out, then whipping the string around your finger to make a triangle.

TL is whipping the yoyo in mid air and forming a triangle in mid air, then sticking your finger into the already made triangle.

Btw, this tut really helps. I think i almost got it!

you just have to whip the string and it is going to create a loop stick your pointine finger out then you are going to get it from aakarsh madhavan

Are you talking about laceration? He’s asking about Triangle lacerations.

i’m sorry i could only find it on so go on then type in laceration yoyo trick

hope it helps

We’ve already done that, thats where we got all of the videos.

Anyway, you dont actually make the triangle in mid-air. With the way André taught it, there is a big difference. With TL, you whip and hit both strings while bringing your hand forward to make the triangle. With Brent Stole, you only hit the back string and bring your hand forward to make the triangle.

But andre’s video, he only whipped one string while bringing his hand forward ??? Have to watch the video closely. But still, whats the difference in the outcome of brent stole and tl?

I’m pretty sure the outcome is the same. Its the process thats different.

Yea, Do both to your parents or whoever-- They will same they are the same…

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