GT Laceration Help

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I want to learn how to one put I don’t know how! Help, would be appreciated!

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #2

Here are some videos

All the good ones i could find.

Have fun!



Don’t watch these videos, this is an entirely different trick. That is brent stole, but obviously, Trapeze Laceration is required. Unfortunately, I cannot find any good tutorials, so I will try and make one for you :wink:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #4

Yeah but there is no other one?

Or is it the one where you do a wrist whip then push into the string and pull your wrist out?

Well i thought he was talking about Brent Stole. My bad, sorry. :-[



No, its this one:

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

Isn’t that brent stole?

It’s like it.


Actually, no that is not Brent Stole. I can do both, and their is a severe distinction.

Have Fun Throwing,

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Oh, i didn’t know that.


This is it:

I know it isn’t a tutorial but here you get some idea what the trick is like and how it’s done. It’s not too hard to figure it out from there on your own, after all.


Woah, he does a totally different way then André taught. Also, I found a video for you, the way André taught:


This tricik is really hard, i hagve been working on it for a while and still cant get it lol.


The misleading thing here is that André titled Brent Stole as GT laceration, which originally is Wrist Whip/ Trapeze Laceration based, whereas Brent Stole is based on Hidesama Hook. (Trapeze whip)

Both are hard tricks and require great amounts of practice. The main difficulties are:

On GT Laceration: 1. Intentionally creating the loop where the yo-yo will rest after the
whipping motion

                     2. Catching the loop.

(When I try to do it, I create the loop by accident and it then drops to the gap, therefore creating a snag around the bearing.)

On Brent Stole: 1. Moving your throwhand forward without interrupting the
actual hook
2.The timing

If you can work your way through these mistakes, both tricks should be easier to hit.


this is how i do it it is the last one


No, this is actually incorrect.

For GT laceration, you do a Hidemassa Hook, hit both strings, and move your throwhand forward, thus crating the triangle.

For Brent Stole, you hit the BACK string only, and move your throwhand forward, thus creating the triangle.


Oh, you’re right. One person told me that Brent Stole was based Hidesama’s and I thought automatically it means the way shown here. :-[

But the problem is actually that how to make a difference between the wrist whip based and the Hidesama based GT laceration? They both go with same name. We don’t know (or at least I don’t know) which version was first so we can’t call the other one with name GT Laceration 2 or something like that. Or can we? ???


Well, I wouldn’t think the names would matter. One is GT laceration, one is Brent Stole. They have one big difference, so thats how we can tell, right?

(Preston Huft) #17

The person who invented Brent Stole is Alex Berenguel (he goes to my club ;D ).
He explained it really good in a tutorial he had on,
but unfortunately, that site currently isn’t in existence (or at least I haven’t been
able to get there recently). Maybe I could email him and get a tutorial for you, if
you want. Let me know.