green triangle laceration////help...

hey guys ive been trying to learn how to do a green triangle laceration…i can do the regular laceration where it just lands on trapeze…i have watched a few vids on how to do it but still cant get it…any help???when un throw the loop around your non-throwhand index finger are you supposed to catch one string or both of them if so is it the top string or the bottom…please help…thanx

Can you do a wrist whip? That will make the laceration infinitely easier to learn.

what’s a triangle laceration? it looks just like a Brent Stole if i’m not mistaken.

A Brent Stole is a Green Triangle Laceration.

oh lol my bad

yes its also called brent stole…but im still stuck any videos in slow mo maybe…something anything could help…

Yeah try doing a search on here for Brent Stole. You’ll find a LOT of great tuts. That’s how I learned it, and it took basically no time at all

Learn the trapeze to triangle thing one. It’s basically the same thing that you’ll be doing. Just make sure to hit only the string closer to you when you whip it. It’ll make it much easier.

Practice this one first. it helped me a little before trying to learn brent stole:

after you get that down go to the real thing

I would have to say that that first video you posted, YoYoBlaze, is completely different from the Brent Stole. That one is more of a quicker way than doing a trapeze and brother over your wrist. But then again, it couldn’t hurt to learn that one too. :wink:

Learn the trapeze to triangle, then watch that second video he posted.

well i posted the first video for him to learn, so he can practice the pull/whip up and then landing the yoyo on the string

Brent Stole? Well when the string hits your index non-throw hand finger, let your throwhand forward. :slight_smile:

I think the slow but surely procedure would be:
Trapeze to Triangle/w Thumb --> Trapeze to Triangle Slack
Hidemasa Slack —> Hidemasa Hook

That way, you can get how the triangle works and how to get the laceration movement down.

Is a brent Stoles really the same as a laceration GT? Because you don’t do the laceration twist thing when whipping it.

Brent Stole by definition is a GT laceration.

true, but they do differ in two ways really…but regardless the end result is a GT.

Not meant to confuse OP…just sayin.

just learn hideamasa hook and then watch the second vid, thats what i did and i learned it within 5 mins

For this trick you need to get hook down realy well so you can get the motion Then after you get that down really well you just have to do the whip but before the whip get around to the yoyo you have to bring the string attached to your through hand in front of the loop and when it cathes the yoyo just curl your finger in and you should have green triangle.