triangle laceration! i cant do it!

well, i can’t do it! how ???

First of all, do you know Hidemassa Hook?

what about brent sole,but ya,u should know hook

yeah, i know hidemasa hook!

If you’re talking about the one andre calls triangle laceration, that is brent stole. Andre calls brent stole triangle laceration.

Basically, the main mistake that i was making, is that you only stick your finger out, touching only 1 string. Don’t touch both strings, just touch one of the strings when doing it.

This video helped me when I was learning brent stole.

Actually, once again, you are wrong!

The one André calls Triangle Laceration is Triangle Laceration. They both have a difference. For TL, you hit both strings and make the triangle. For Brent Stole, you hit the back string and make the triangle.

No, thats not possible, i’ve analyzed the video. He does hit 1 string! I’m sure of it! I’m Pawsative! I nowe I’m Wight!

I finally get what you mean now, Samad. Apparently, I’ve been doing Brent Stoles (I think).

Triangle Lacerations are like Trapeze Triangle Slacks, but in midair, like André says in the video. So, you should hit two strings.

well, i can now do a brent stole, and it looks like andre is doing that too, so if they are not the same thing, what is a triangle laceration???

hmm… I saw this while browsing the caribou lodge blog site

look at the one I underlined
so it was Alex Berenguel who created the trick called Green Triangle laceration a.k.a Brent stole

So a green triangle laceration is a brent stole ( just a different term/name)
so no worries, if you got a gt laceration you also got brent stole :slight_smile:


Wow, then thats cool! Cause I can get into a GT when hitting both strings also ;D

Thanks for clearing that up. I guess the person who taught me was wrong >:(

what is this then? ???

Thats a wrist whip, and pulling it out. These mentioned actually aren’t true lacerations though.