Any tips for GT Laceration??

I have practised for weekssssss
but still cannot do this.
I know how to do the trick but I can never land the yoyo on the string :’(
should I need to pop the yoyo higher??
I have not enough time to pull the string by the free hand

I always thought that trick you’re describing was called brent stole. Or is that a different trick? ???

No. GT Laceration, Brent Stole, I think the only difference is Brent Stole has a twist where your pointer finger would go.

Here comes another problem
when I do reverse slack trap, I need to throw the slack until my throw hand cross the free hand and need to throw very hard.
But I see prople do it just move a little bit and then the slack can travel around the free pointer…
Is that my skill of throwing slack is not right??

You can try a diff. version of GT laceration.

The trick on this site is a Brent Stole. I’m not sure why Andre wanted to call it Triangle Laceration instead. Technically it is a triangle laceration, but everyone knows the trick as Brent Stole and that’s what the video that first showed it called it (by Alex Berenguel).

The funny thing is that the trick called Green Triangle Laceration (by Houdini) is actually more of a Green Triangle Whip, but because that’s the name Houdini gave it, it stuck.


I still like yours better :stuck_out_tongue:

You really just have to practice whipping hard. Make sure you make a good solid circle motion. The reason why some people move their hands so little is because they have good technique, and their whipping is strong.

Same Trick. He probably called it TL because the name Brent Stole has no relevance to green triangles.

I like Brent Stole better, the whip is easier imho :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to do Hidemash Hook (which I can’t) and I landed in a Brent Stole. How?

That means that you aren’t hitting your finger with both strings. For hook, you are whipping your finger with both strings, and with TL, you whip the bag string.

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Oh. It hurts when I try for Hidemasa Hook.

Right, but tricks often have little to do with their name. “Kwyjibo” really doesn’t make me think of popping the yoyo up…

The full name of the trick is “The trick Brent Stole from me at nationals” which was created and named by Alex Berenguel.

Here is the original video.

I’d see that Brent Stole does actually have SOME revelance to Green Triangles. Brent Stole is just a Green Triangle with a wrap around your index finger. It has the same loop that a Green Triangle does, they kind of are the same. There are many ways of getting into a GT, but only one for a Brent Stole.

Brent Stole IS a green triangle.

No no, i meant that the words “Brent Stole” has nothing to do with Green Triangles. Just the words.

If it does, please tell me.