brent sole or triangle laceration?


Is there a difference between a brent sole and a triangle laceration?
I herd here:,2428.0.html
a triangle laceration is also called a brent sole,but other people (samad) said its reccomended you learn brent sole before triangle laceration.
So,are they the same or different


They are the same.



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There are two versions of green triangle laceration.

  1. Brent Stole: you use motions similar to hook and laceration

  2. GT laceration: you use motions similar to wrist whip

The products of both whips are similar, but they are not the same. Each of the whips forms a different form of GT. :slight_smile:


They are different.

Brent Stole: Hit one string.
Triangle Laceration: Hit two strings.

Also, Triangle Laceration is not a “true laceration” because you whip it around like your wrist and/or finger and then slide a string off. Brent Stole is a laceration, because it doesn’t include dropping strings. I believe that André does Brent Stole, but explains Triangle Laceration in his video.

For the record, I can only do Brent Stole, but I get how Triangle Laceration works.


ok,then I can do both ;D


lol gm user or samad, can you post a video of how to do “Triangle laceration” With two string hits? Since you seem to be able to do it?