Can some explain the diff between....

Green triangle laceration and Brent stole?

There’s no diff their just calling them different things

One ends in a green triangle the other is the end result of a ninja vanish. Very similar exit is towards you on the GT and away on the Brent Stole.

I saw a video on YouTube of 24 triangles and there was a Brent stole and also a green triangle laceration
Is it done the same way? I’m confused on what I would do to make it exit towards me because everytime I do it the Yoyo exits from the triangle away from me

they’re different tricks. a gt laceration is basically a wrist whip, whereas a brent stole is well… a brent stole.
gt laceration will land you in a gt, without a twist on your non th index. brent stole will land you in a gt where you pop out the opposite direction, and with a twist on your non throw hand index. Similar, yes. but still slightly different.